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Deviant for 8 Years
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Newest Deviations

to no one
should I take pride
in all the times I felt like dying
should I give in
to the cries of eyes that wanna give up
what is living
when everything you see is burning
when can I raise
a new phoenix from your ashes
the road is rocky
rebirth takes time
it's a long way from here
and you think it's time
what of the pieces left behind
what of the people still alive
:iconwriter233:Writer233 0 0
Home by Writer233 Home :iconwriter233:Writer233 2 0
bike ride
going through the motions
do I need a watch to tell you?
he left his warmth on my seat
waiting for me out the street
:iconwriter233:Writer233 0 0
Toy Car by Writer233 Toy Car :iconwriter233:Writer233 0 0
I'm the biggest asshole you've ever met
Yet you still love me
Be the better man and leave me alone
Don't you waste your time
:iconwriter233:Writer233 0 0
In The Evening by Writer233 In The Evening :iconwriter233:Writer233 2 0
20170315 054005
I head to the corner store
Whenever I can
Just to give myself a heart attack
I can't help it
I'm addicted to the rush
All I need
Is that look in your eyes
And I give way
My legs shake
Reason for being breaks
Every single day
Every single time
What kind of addiction is this?
I pay for your time
You don't even know I buy
Worse still
Is when I get to say "Hi"
:iconwriter233:Writer233 0 0
Typical by Writer233 Typical :iconwriter233:Writer233 2 0
The world you see is painted by
The colors you need
Breathe in the air that gets you
Off your feet
Believe in the life you feel
Makes you complete
:iconwriter233:Writer233 0 0
Petals by Writer233 Petals :iconwriter233:Writer233 2 0
Now you may be right
Don't mean I don't hate you
How I'd like to fight
Though I'm in no place to
:iconwriter233:Writer233 2 0
Ends Meet by Writer233 Ends Meet :iconwriter233:Writer233 6 0
Tire me with all your might
Just let me see you there
I get by with the motions
Cause I know you care
I'm tired of being alone
I only go nowhere
Somehow I'm happy
You can strip me bare
Every twist and turn
In this wicked journey
Lets you love and learn
The things you hold dearly
What a breath of fresh air
To see you there
Truly home is where
I know you care
:iconwriter233:Writer233 1 0
Guilt by Writer233 Guilt :iconwriter233:Writer233 3 0
Dear Marie,
We met when I was 14
Ripe and unready
For your naked beauty
That you allowed me
You showed me the world
All its pain and pleasure
As grateful as I am
I'm afraid we must separate
Your presence I can't tolerate
:iconwriter233:Writer233 1 0
Neon by Writer233 Neon :iconwriter233:Writer233 1 0

Random Favourites

My eyes are opened to the same room
The same place, the same time
My surroundings without any variation
Everything is by design
My goals are set, my path is clear
This constant loop, my destiny
And as I carry on my daily undertaking
I hear a whisper from within
Don’t you see what’s happening?
Coming to the realization
That there’s something more
The story we’ve been given
Isn’t our own
Navigating my subconsciousness
To find out where the puzzle ends
Coming to the center of my soul,
The core of myself  
My eyes are open to the nature of this world
It wasn’t always what it seemed
And as I try to organize my own intentions
I’ve finally woken from this dream
This foreign voice that seems to lead me
Strangely pulling from within
And as I try to break out from my programmed nature
I realize the voice is mine
I finally found my destiny
I’ve come to the realization
That there’s something more
The story we’ve been given
:icontubbums32:tubbums32 19 4
59 by Gailtho 59 :icongailtho:Gailtho 4 1
Just a Bit [27/30]
I'm not at all in love
Just a little bit far gone...
Just a little bit enchanted with your smile
You'd never guess it though,
It was hard to guess myself;
Despite the fact I'm me, it took awhile
:iconemily-byrd:Emily-Byrd 12 2
Shhhh by PaulaMela Shhhh :iconpaulamela:PaulaMela 149 3
giving all he has
to light your life with his own
wax drips from his flame
:iconarwynrie:ArwynRie 16 4
The Glow
The Glow
I look around, at the people that surround
And from within them shows, multiple shining Glows
Even though I can’t truly see, what these Glows look to me
Everyone has one, each as bright as the sun
These Glows are their inner being, kept alive by their dreaming
Even if they stop reaching for the sky, their Glows will never die
They will only dim, until a new dream joins its kin
As long these glows survive, we will stay alive
:iconwolf-shadowstalker:Wolf-Shadowstalker 1 0
Studio91 by Cristinaconte Studio91 :iconcristinaconte:Cristinaconte 40 19
Two bright stars in the colored shadows of night
One shimmering on my left and one flickering on my right
A comforting wind rustling through the trees
Puts my troubled soul at a quiet ease
Though some harbor the night as something to fear
It is something I believe should be held dear
Because the places where all hurry and rush
Push out the peace of a sleeping thrush
Treasure the peaceful night until the hour of late
Our world is molding into an unforgiving fate
:iconwolf-shadowstalker:Wolf-Shadowstalker 1 1
Autumn Forest by SageCamille Autumn Forest :iconsagecamille:SageCamille 25 3
Urban Culture
The minds neglected
The souls malnourished
Primal, tribal sybaritism
Materialism unabridged
Street-corner sermons of Nihilism
:iconpoetoflore:poetOflore 3 0
Ever-changing by MatthiasHaltenhof Ever-changing :iconmatthiashaltenhof:MatthiasHaltenhof 107 8
all the symptoms are
piecing together and
all i want to do is get
high with you and sob
you want to marry me,
i want to marry you,
i've never reached this
peak before so it's strange
when i raise my hands,
zero gravity causing the
coaster to soar off of the
july and balls of sweat
escaping the pores of
the passengers along with
the screams
will we land?
i'm petrified: you don't
even know why
i haven't received my
period in a month, period
and all i want to do is
drink away what could be
inside of me
the last time i got drunk,
i had vodka filled halfway
up in a water bottle.
like a fish, i let the drink
drown me, space absorbing my
vision and my body
laughter echoed throughout my
head until i realized that i
might've died:
i sank into the bed over and
over again, tripping out alone
with no one to hold
i thought i saw you popping
through the curtains, waltzing
towards the bed, but i found myself
:iconsatanhalo:satanhalo 11 7
I [ ] I by tiefengeist I [ ] I :icontiefengeist:tiefengeist 59 1
Callous fingertips
Playing beautiful guitar
Music hurts sometimes.
:iconsupach:Supach 29 19
Explore by Ceresta Explore :iconceresta:Ceresta 78 28 moony by Mareamari moony :iconmareamari:Mareamari 3 0


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